Create pages via buttons


I would like to have some informations on how to create pages on Lampix, for example when you want to reach a page via a button. In fact, I would like to modifiy the rainy-sounds application that drags circular objects with the gravity.

I had an idea of mini project that consists of having the choice between severals buttons having as description each planet name of the solar system, and for each of them, we would have an example of gravity peculiar to each one of them.


Lampix applications should be SPAs (Single Page Applications). In the context of a single page application, you can simulate page navigation either manually, by clearing what is currently displayed and adding something else (this will quickly become difficult to manage) or with a client side router, that will match a URL with the content you associate with it.

See for more details, and let us know if you have further questions.

Okay, thanks for your answer.