Deleting an uploaded app from the site

IO’ve uploaded a few sample apps to understand the release process, but in the process of testing, I want to remove my apps that were “samples”. However, I don’t see a way to delete uploaded apps. Can that be added?

There is a separation between apps installed via and those installed locally.

Those installed via are to be managed on, and can be uninstalled by selecting a device and clicking the “uninstall app” (a red button with a trash can icon). The local ones can be deleted via the http://:8888/apps control panel (they should have a “delete” control next to them).

I’ve learned not to mix the two…i was assuming things would overwrite but they did not. I ended up clearing my apps with both avenues and rebooting the lampix twice just to get it to finally purge the apps I developed.

I just realized, this post was also about deleting apps uploaded to the site. I have a bunch of tests that fail for various reasons, and I can’t clean them out of the site. Looking to do some housekeeping.