Doesn't scan the QR code and Power turns off

The QR code is not scanned by the device, and the power button interaction takes place on its own., causing it to turn off. This happened after the updated the Lampix device. I was able to use the app ‘trivia’ before the update.

The current update does not change the button mechanism.

Please make sure that your Lampix is placed in a well-lighted environment, on a bright-coloured surface (we recommend using a white surface) and that it is calibrated correctly.
The calibration is done in two steps: by displaying the a black marker on the used surface and by moving the highlighted area towards a white surface (you could place a small piece of paper under the highlighted area). During the calibration process, please make sure that projection does not fall on any objects that might be on the table.

  1. well-lit environment ✓
  2. white surface ✓
  3. projection doesn’t fall on anything except the white surface ✓

Here’s what’s happening

The video seems dark as I focused on the projection, but the environment has 100 lumens. Does not work.

This is about the power button. And when this does not happen, the QR code is not scanned at all.

As I can see in the video, your Lampix is standing way too low. Please make sure you are using the entire Lampix stand (3 pieces - 90cm).

This worked for the QR code scanning problem. Thank you.

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