Drag and Drop: is it possible?


So while fiddling around with React DnD to add drag and drop functionality to my Lampix app I wondered: Is it even possible?

Here is why: Getting the drag and drop functionality to start should be possible. Just activate the functionality onClassification of the NeuralNetworkClassifier. Though when dragging, how do I tell my Lampix to ‘let go’ of the dragged element. As it is not like a regular mouse, where I let go of my left mouse button.

Any thoughts on this?

Hi @boaz,

Unfortunately we do not provide this functionality yet, as your Lampix cannot track the position of your finger. We are working on the ‘drop’ mechanism (finger lifting detection), which we will announce once it is stable.

Some sliding mechanisms (a scrollbar, a swipe) can be implemented by using the DepthClassifier. We could assist you in implementing such solutions.

Thanks for the response.