How do I get Root access?

How would I get access to the device file system or logs? If I try to debug stuff, I’d need to be able to see my logs! Since this is a developer device, I’m looking to use it to develop! :slight_smile:

You can easily access the logs after your Lampix has booted up. Just access the following address: <ip_address_of_your_Lampix>:8888/logs

Any other magic urls you’d like to share?

You will find everything you need by accessing <ip_address_of_your_Lampix>:8888/web/const.html .

Not THAT’S a nice useful endpoint!

By the way, app logs provably soon go to the syslog… Do they? If not, how do I get to those sysout or syserr logs?

App logs go to Lampix via CEF, and are printed with a purple color in /logs.

I haven’t given up on the login/root access question yet…

Hello @Aciolino,
For the time being, we cannot provide root access rights.
Please let me know if there is anything that is keeping you from successfully completing your web application development process or if there is any missing functionality that should be included in future software updates.

Well, my filesystem is bad (new), being able to detect small object, and classifying them are all things I’m looking to accomplish in the short term. Longer term would be scan and forward documents, maybe v2 Lampix, or some add-on?