How do you re pair the device

I successfully paired the lampix to a network that is no longer available. How do I get it to re-enter pairing mode so that I can scan a new QR code and re pair?


Please bare with us while we are actively working on pushing an update that makes the WiFi reconnection possible without re-pairing your Lampix. In the meantime, could you connect your Lampix to the internet via an ethernet cable? This way the Lampix can update itself.

We are confident that the update will soon be ready.

Vadim - Lampix CV

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We are confident that we will start pushing the update next week. We will announce the update here, by replying to your message.

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Same problem here…

Lampix 2.1.3 brings the possibility of connecting your Lampix to a different network.

So far no luck getting on Wifi (at all): I suppose it only requires SSID+PSW and then keeping the QR under the lamp. At that step it jumps back to the Control App and on my phone the Lampix remains ‘offline’ (but I can reboot from the phone so it does see the (cabled) Lampix. Any suggestions to Lampify me?

Hi @JackBerry,

If you can reboot your Lampix from your account, everything is working as expected. We are aware of the issue with the Lampix showing up as “offline” and we are working to patch it with Lampix 2.1.4. Once we deploy the update, your Lampix will show up as “online”.

Please bare with us while we are solving this issue.