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Ok, bought a light meter and I am at 130 lux. See images. Alas, most of time the buttons do not respond at all. Booting and calibrating seem to work fine now but there it stops. Happy to make a video but my spastic moves will look silly…Any suggestions?



Ok. Putting the lamp 25cm higher did the trick…Button responses are acceptable now (but pls let me know if the 60cm option could work at all…).

And now the control panel is jumping back to Trivia all the time. Will reconvene ‘testing’ tomorrow :-x

For now Lampix only works with the 90cm setup. We will let you know when the 60cm setup will be supported by the Lampix software stack.

The “jumping” between apps usually amounts to not enough light hitting the projection surface or poor calibration. As you have measured 130 LUX, the lighting should not be an issue.
Please make sure that during the calibration process, you are moving the highlighted area to a white surface. This is needed for an accurate white balance calibration.
Here is the exact step:

Let me know if this works for you.

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I’ve been using it with only two bars so I’ll assume that is the 60cm mode.

Things usually work okay that way but sometimes don’t. What is the difference at 90cm?

I don’t have large enough workspaces for such a large projection area… And I expect most people don’t either… That might be a great next deploy for your boards.

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The support for the 60cm Lampix configuration is planned and will be deployed as soon as possible. Right now we are focused on providing the best Lampix experience for the 90cm configuration as it is our default configuration.

Some Computer Vision processes work better with the 90cm configuration.

Indeed. Just got myself a new white desk. IKEA happy, my Lampix happy…but my office space is much smaller now :wink:

I am glad that your Lampix is working as expected! :grin:

We are actively working on improving finger detection on dark surfaces and in low-light conditions. We are confident that we will be deploying a new neural network next month.

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