Making buttons clickable

Struggling to make buttons clickable. Using .onClick method but it does not seem to be working…any suggestions? Thanks

Hi @amoore154

How exactly are you trying to make the buttons clickable? We tried using the as the callback for the lampix button with no success.

We then opted to using the method which is used by the html button directly as the callback for the lampix button:

let buttonOptions: buttonsGenerateOptions;
  buttonOptions = {
    parent: parentElement,
    radius: height / 2,
    fillColor: 'transparent',
    loaderStrokeColor: 'red',
    animationDuration: 250,
    label: label,
    labelPosition: 'bottom',
    scaleFactor: 1,

const buttonPromise = lampixDOM.buttons.generate(

Where the interactionCallback is (() => this.onButtonPress()) from the angular component.