Oh No! Filesystem issue!

After update download, I’ve got a problem with my Lampix at boot time. I get a message that scrolls that says no handlers found for “Lampix.lampixconfiig”. I don’t think it was the update - I had a power outage right when the update was finishing :frowning:

There’s an issue with supervisor_heartberat.py. How can I fix it?

Update: another error message is:
depth_aligmnet_downloader.so: File too short

As I understand, it is possible that your update was corrupted due to sudden interruption.
The good new is that Lampix automatically backs itself up before the update, so there is a good chance that you have a valid backup of your system. As of now, you should keep your Lampix on. The crashing of the system will trigger the revert process and Lampix will downgrade to previously installed version (2.1.2). Lampix should boot up soon after.

Please let me know if that does not work for you. Also, a photo of the exact error messages you are getting would be of great use.

How long should it stay on? I left it for about five minutes but it didn’t do any revrrting.

Two hours. No difference.

Monday we will address this issue and soon after you will receive all of the information needed to restore your Lampix to the initial state.

Please bare with us while we are working on fixing your Lampix ASAP.

Thanks. I understand that this is a unique and unexpected issue. Monday would be great!