Possible watcher defect

In my app I have a depth classifier and several finger watchers. A watcher attacked to an html object operates correctly. Watchers that I create for fingers also operate correctly. The depth classifier works too.

However, if I pause or destroy the depth classifier, all of my dynamic finger watchers do not operate. In my logs I see that the class is set to zero for the neural networks when I delete and set back to one when I recreate the depth classifier.

I’m doing more debugging, hopefully it’s my error and lack of understanding of the log messages.


Could you please share your logs?

Best way to do that? Copy paste?

Copy + Paste or save the html page and send it.

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@Aciolino, did you manage to solve your problem?

It’s been a busy two weeks. Haven’t had a chance yet…

Here’s a an upload of the results with the new 2.2.0 software. There’s more logging info in there.


Once I use my button to remove the depthclassiifer, the app locks up, which is surprising. that’s new this version. I also noticed that this version, Alert() boxes show up on the desktop, which is helpful, but does mean that I need my keyboard to hit ENTER to get through them.

I’ll be doing more debugging on this during the week (I have time this week).

Hello, @Aciolino

You should keep coordinates for X in the [0, 1280] range and Y in [0, 800]. It seems things go wrong due to the registration of a watcher out of bounds (i.e at x: -100, y: -100).

Regarding alert() - given the nature of lampix application development, I would advise against using controls that require actual user input (at least from the browser’s perspective) such as alert(), prompt() or confirm(). Not sure if the blocking behavior you’re seeing is related to your usage of one of these, but all the aforementioned methods are blocking in nature and will prevent the use of the app until they are dismissed.

Let us know if this helps.