[RELEASED] Lampix 2.1.3

Lampix 2.1.3 has been released!

In order to successfully update your Lampix to the 2.1.3 release you should follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your Lampix has an internet connection (either WiFi or Ethernet);
  2. Reboot your Lampix;
  3. Once you have rebooted your Lampix, it will automatically update itself;
    Find out more about the features included by accessing this topic.

The main feature that you should be looking for is the Control Panel application, as it will provide system information and the possibility of changing the WiFi network that your Lampix is connected to.

Hello. The Lampix(LDK1101)still hangs at “Calibrating”.
Actually, the lampix doesn’t have an internet connection. When I connect it with my computer via cable (set bridge connection in computer successfully), the light on the lampix just turns from green to orange.
I also use my mobilephone to share network via USB. It also fails.
We cannot set WIFI for Lampix before it scans QR codes, right?
So please provide a method to let my Lampix connect to Internet(i’m really not professional in this area)

Hello @NigelKirito,

If you want to connect your Lampix to the Internet by using a cable connected to your computer, you should have a DHCP system configured.

Your computer is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable, right? Could you use that connection with your Lampix? Just use it so your Lampix is updated and your issues are solved.

Thanks. With your help, my Lampix can connect to the Internet now. (It’s confirmed)
But ,it doesn’t update itself. Maybe it is beacuse the Internet in China is restricted?(I’m in China)
Someone professional asks if the Lampix can be updated manually?

If you are facing issues with our services, due to access restriction, it is possible to update your Lampix manually. I will assist you in achieving this, but I want to make sure that the issue is the one aforementioned.

Using your computer, access the endpoint <IP_of_your_Lampix>:8888/logs, where you will find the system logs. For finding out the IP of your Lampix you could use an IP Scanner. Here is a post that describes this process.

You will be able to share the logs with us by saving the html page and sending the file in a private message. This way we will be able to correctly diagnose your issue.

I will do that later.
Have a nice weekend :wink:

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