[RELEASED] Lampix 2.3.0

Lampix 2.3.0 has been released!

The major features included in this release are listed here.


  • In order to successfully update your Lampix, please follow the steps described in the notes from the previous releases .
  • This software release will also update the Lampix Supervisor (the firmware) and if successfully completed, your Lampix will reboot!

Below are the QR Codes that trigger actions on Lampix (App Switcher, Control Panel, Restart, Shutdown). Can be used as printed or displayed on a smartphone (adjusting the brightness of the screen accordingly).





Two things:

These codes work on my iPhone, but they are very close together in this post. Maybe some white space would be good between each image?

Also, the codes take anywhere from 3 to 45 seconds to work when they do. The good news is that they do work, but it seems to be a very long time to hope that they do as there are some times when they don’t (as expected with new software)

Also… Can the scanning app detect QR codes and enumerate through installed apps so that we can create custom cards for our own apps?


  1. Those QR codes were supposed to be downloaded and then used. This way you will be able to use them independently.

  2. We have limited the detection frequency of QR codes so it would not cause any performance issues. Also, after a code has successfully triggered an action, the detector will be stopped for 1 minute.

Currently we do not support that, but we will take your suggestion into account!

Hi, we did the update and afterwards it shows a pattern, and stops with a panic message, that the pattern could not be recognized. How to proceed from there?

Best regards


Please make sure that you have a white surface (or any light-coloured surface) and that you do not have any other objects on the table. The black marker should be clearly projected on your surface.

If this does not help, please send us a picture of your setup in a private message.

Thanks! Moved the projector 30 cm closer to the center of the table and it worked :slight_smile:

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I’m glad that it worked!