Simulator's purpose?

What exactly is the purpose of the simulator? I am noticing applications will run on the simulator but when I put them in Lampix they don’t work and look very different.


Hi @amoore154

Could you give some more information? What kind of aplication are you trying to run (VanillaJS, Angular, React, etc…)? In what way do they look different and what exactly does not work?

I have noticed some differences between the simulator and the device during development of our Angular application. For example, on classification with the MovementBasedSegmenter, the classTag property of the recognized object has different types, depending on if its used within the simulator or the device. This leads to stuff like recognizedObject.classTag === 1 working on the simulator, but not on the device. So we check the classTag with ‘==’ instead of ‘===’.

Another thing would be if you are using angular and are deploying the application by using the /apps endpoint, you need to change the base href to <base href="/apps/local/<your-zipfile-name>_local/">, otherwise you will get a 404.

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I am running VanillaJS. Made HTML buttons that I “hooked up” using the button preset as directed here under “Hooking up your own button using the button preset” ( When clicked, the red button turns green. “Button activated!” is being logged so I know it is actually working via the watcher. However, in Lampix it is not “clickable” and does not look like the small red circle that it should be. Instead, it is a even smaller grey rectangle. I did notice yesterday on my logs I was getting the message that my app “has not declared any watchers in package.json”… assuming this is my issue to why the buttons arent clickable in Lampix but are in the simulator?


I could not really reproduce the issue. I hooked up one of our buttons the way it is described in “Hooking up your own button using the button preset”. The only thing it did was register a NN fingers watcher at the position of the button. It adds no new elements, no animations whatsoever, so it should not even change the way your application looks from the simulator to the device itself.

Can you verify that when starting the application on your device that you get a message like the one below?