Source code inquiry

A few of your videos show an app concept designed for a bar where coasters can be set down and when recognized will output information about it or, in one example, the animal that is on the coaster. Is this a Lampix made application? If so, is there a way to access its source code? I could not locate it on the lampix git hub. Also on that note, is there a github that is for the community where people have uploaded their source code. Just trying to learn more (in addition to the examples you all have already provided). Thanks!

Hello @amoore154,

We will be officially releasing the Coaster-based Retail application (the one that you have mentioned) soon. We will announce it here, so keep an eye on the support forum. We do have more exciting releases coming!

The available open-source applications are mentioned in the official documentation and can be found here. Additionally, we have recently released the code for a minimal QR Code detection example, that you can find here.