Stuck on the same app after reboot

I deployed a self-created ReactJS application on my lampix device, the application shows “404: Not Found”.

  1. I have not been able to connect to the {ip}:8888/apps and {ip}:8888/logs after the first reboot from the later address. I have no other controls to stop the app, or exit from it, except turning it off and on again, directly from the power button.
  2. After I restarted using the power button, the device only shows the “404: Not Found” (from the defective app probably). I have no access to anything else on the device.

Hi @Maayurikaa,

The {ip}:8888/apps and {ip}:8888/logs endpoints should still be accessible in spite of the 404 error.
The server that gives out the 404 is the same one that is used to access the /apps and /logs endpoints, so that’s in working order.

I tested your use case on a device here, and have encountered that issue numerous times, each time easily navigating away via /apps.

Are you certain the IP of the device remained same after rebooting?

@dbalaban How do I find out the IP of the device now that I have no access to control panel as the device is stuck on 404 error each time I reboot?

Use an IP scanner such as Angry IP Scanner. Start it up and it will automatically discover the range to search. Press start and try out the detected IPs. One of them will be Lampix’s, provided it’s connected to the same network.

Thank you, I found the new IP, and solved this. :+1:

Happy to hear that, @Maayurikaa!