Touch based drawing

Trying to implement a simple drawing application that allows touch based drawing. Is this possible? As of right now, I can’t get the touch based aspect to work. Confused what method from lampix/core will make it work. Saw a previous post where someone was trying to make a paint application and Lampix support responded that finger tracking is not yet available. Does this mean a touch based drawing application can’t be done yet? Even just to place simple dots, not necessarily connected lines?

Hi @amoore154,

Currently, Lampix does not have a finger tracking algorithm implemented, so no you cannot draw dots, lines etc with your finger. However, you could develop your own custom watcher (see this) that tracks the hand/ finger and integrate it with your application.

Thank you for your response. Instead of having to create a custom watcher, I am curious if it would be possible to use the Lampix as more of an interface by having a desktop connected to it and projecting that desktop screen onto the Lampix surface. The thought is that this would allow us to place our finger onto the lampix surface and send that location data to the desktop application. Would this still require a watcher?

We are trying to find a simpler solution (than coding a watcher in python) to touch-based drawing as it is a minor aspect of the application we are trying to develop for a Human-Robot Interaction Interface we are working to develop during a 9 week summer research project.

Hi @amoore154,

The position of the finger cannot be retrieved without a custom watcher. The workflow of the Lampix API requires you to define a zone (e.g. a button) where a finger might be present. Once a finger is detected in the predefined area, the action is triggered.