What does rainy sounds try to do?

Once started, the app seems to do nothing… I’m looking to find out what it supposedly does and what it might not be doing right for me.

Rainy Sounds is the application that is used to showcase the ability to detect objects. By putting an object on the table (e.g. a mug/a bottle) an animation displaying tiny colorful balls should start once the used object is detected. Please try using it as described and let us know if the application does not work as expected on your Lampix.


To add a little detail to what my colleague has already covered, the app starts with a prompt to place an object (e.g a cup) on the surface. Once an object has been detected the tiny colorful balls will start dropping on top of it, bouncing off on contact.

The app should also play a sound for each collision with the detected object(s).

Please let us know if the app does not behave as expected, along with details of your usage of the app.

So…i placed the lens cap on the desk, and the video went over it. Same with my hand, a glass, and a cup. No luck first time through!

Just booted up again after several days. The device updated after boot, and rainy sounds stated working with the new image.

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Is there a way to get access to this apps’ source code? I’d like to see how to get a physics world up and interact with it.

Here you go: https://github.com/lampix-org/rainy-sounds