What is the boilerplate application supposed to do?

I would like to know what the application “boilerplate” is supposed to do?
When I launch the app on the simulator, it displays a black screen …
Do you have an answer to give me?

Hi, @Mathieu

See the boilerplate explanation. It’s supposed to offer a starting point for developers that is already configured to take into account Lampix specific builds (such as config.json, schema.json, package.json, that are irrelevant for a regular web app). It also creates the build .zip that you can upload via the /apps interface.

It does not include any application code, only an initialization. Without any custom application code (written by the developer), the boilerplate will build to an app that is merely a black screen.

I’m coming back to you for the application “minimal-sample”. I just installed it on Lampix, but I still have a black screen. However, on the simulator, it works with the counter as well and the different buttons.
The application runs in localhost.

Why is this a black screen?

Did you build it before trying out on Lampix?